" I think of doing a series as very hard work. But then I've talked to coal miners, and that's really hard work."

- William Shatner

Our Mission

As an outgrowth of the Miners Stadium Project, a group of interested citizens gathered in November of 2012 to discover a way to promote our local mining history and honor those who made their living by coal mining. A life-sized bronze coal miner, cast by sculptor Alan Cotrill of Zanesville, Ohio, will be placed at the crossroads of National Road and Route 36. It will be dedicated to the natural resource of George's Creek Valley Coal, and the sacrifices made by those who mined it.

From 1876 until today, over five-hundred individuals perished while mining. Their names will be incorporated into the landscape design. The committee has established the "Adopt-A-Miner" Program to raise funds for this project, with the hope of dedicating the statue in the summer of 2015. The community is also encouraged to submit the mining stories of their families and friends for a compilation entitled The 2014 Mining Journal. This collection will remain at local libraries and museums. This project was designed to stimulate interest in our local mining history and shed light on the lives of all who mined coal.

About George's Creek Big Vein Coal

Information regarding the George's Creek Big Vein Coal can be found here.

A Miner's Story

In 1995, responding to the need for a children’s playground in our community, a group of dedicated parents assembled to raise funds and build a new playground adjacent to the Frostburg swimming pool. This project was the impetus for establishing the Foundation for Frostburg. Updated in recent years, the playground remains a favorite spot for children to have fun and expend their extra energy.

The center of life on Main Street, the new 1.5 million dollar library opened its doors in 1998. The Foundation’s Frostburg Library Development Committee assisted with site determination, design, and funding efforts. The open layout, the extra-special nooks for children’s activities, the Bambacus Community Room, updated computer systems, and a unique computer training room, continue to provide a much-needed space for a vibrant community.