Current Projects

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To strengthen the town/gown relationship and to acknowledge Frostburg State University’s contribution to our quality of life in the Mountain City, the Board of Directors has established an educational scholarship. It will be awarded to a local resident who plans to attend FSU, with the hope that an appreciative recipient will choose to make a difference in the Frostburg community and offer continued support to their Alma Mater.

A Mountain Ridge High School senior, interested in art and in need of financial assistance, is presented with this scholarship in honor of the late Helen Chaney. Donations from members of the Beall High Class of 1970, along with proceeds from Helen’s artwork, fund the award.

An innovative, community-based greenhouse, the project grows healthy fruits and vegetables on an abandoned strip-mine just outside of the Frostburg city limits. Much of the food grown is given to our local food pantry, food bank, and lunchbox program to address food insecurity, hunger, and social issues within our community. The site serves as a training center where local farmers can learn to grow food sustainably and economically. FG hosts workshops, family events, and field trips that educate our community on health and environmental well-being.

Built in 1921 by residents who brought their own picks and shovels, this watering hole turned swimming pool still serves the greater Frostburg community. Originated in 2003, this project has provided funding for a new children’s slide and purchased new lounge furniture for all to enjoy during the warm summer months.

An active community needs outdoor space; this complex at the west end of town is constantly growing and changing. In 1999, donations from our citizens were combined with State of Maryland grants and loans to create playing fields for soccer, baseball, and softball. Other additions made to the complex include basketball courts, walking trails, and a children’s playground. Dedicated parking areas, pavilions, and a fishing pond make it a special place today for our community. The Foundation is proud to be a part of this of this 1.5 million dollar recreation complex.

Established in memory of a beautiful little three year old who went to be with the Lord in April 2007, this fund purchased a children’s trolley that provides hours of pleasure for children in our community.

Established in 2002 by a group of interested dog-lovers, a dog park was built in August of 2010 at the City of Frostburg’s Calhoun Park, located at 100 Willow Drive. Three gated sections provide a safe and clean environment for all dogs and their playful owners. Through a unique partnership with the Upper Potomac Valley Kennel Club, the dog park hosts events that include obedience classes and Responsible Dog Owner Day. The Annual September Dog Splash at the Frostburg Pool raises funds for the maintenance of the park.

This is the Foundation for Frostburg’s very own project. Jump-started by a generous donation from the estate of Senator J. Glenn Beall, Jr., this fund honors the true spirit of our community. We encourage families and friends, who connect in some way to Frostburg or its surrounding communities, to make a donation honoring their own roots. This fund must grow to reach $500,000 before the interest earned each year is given back to the community. It will be distributed to individuals and organizations in the form of grants that will be used to enhance the quality of life in Frostburg and our surrounding communities.

Dedicated to serving our community, the Foundation for Frostburg must adhere to the strict rules and regulations of a 501C3 to ensure that your donations are accepted and applied according to your wishes, and remain tax-deductible. A volunteer Board of Directors is dedicated to following the established by-laws and operating procedures. An annual audit, Directors and Officers Insurance, and general operating expenses such as a post office box, postage, and website maintenance and hosting have become costly to the Foundation. A donation to the operations account helps to offset the basic costs to enable the Foundation for Frostburg.

Established in 2008 by Historic Frostburg, a Maryland Main Street Community, this project created fifty custom lamppost wreaths that adorned Main Street during the holiday season. Greenery, strings of lights, and bright red bows have been replaced. New wreaths have been added. The community tree-lighting celebration is a new tradition, organized each year by the Lamppost Committee.

Established in 2009 to promote our State-designated Maryland Arts and Entertainment District, this fund promotes cultural events and activities, such as Arts Walks and musical performances.

Established in 2003 as a $15,000.00 endowment by the family of J. Glenn Beall, Jr., this honors Mr. Beall’s mother, Mrs. Margaret Beall, and her dedication to the beautification of our small town. Interest earned from this fund has been given annually to assist the House and Garden Club of Frostburg and the Frostburg Lamppost Fund as they continue to innovate, improve, create and promote the beautification of Frostburg.

Established in 1997 by Ralph and Martha Race, interest from this endowment assists with the operational expenses of the Foundation. The principal must be invested locally using insurance-backed products.

Through the efforts of the Frostburg Rotary Club, Pantry Partners was created to support the Frostburg Area Interfaith Food Pantry. Established in 1977, the Food Pantry serves as many as 60 families per month. In 2010, Pantry Partners coordinated the move to 44 West Main St., a larger and more accessible location. Pantry Partners hosts food drives, offers grant-writing skills, and partners with local organizations to provide food and clothing for those in need. Additional information about the Food Pantry is available by emailing the director at

NHN is an ecumenical community-wide support network designed to assist individuals with limited resources and/or abilities. Neighbors are encouraged to take an active role in caring for each other, and are offered the ability to both give and receive assistance. Upon referral or request, a site visit discovers the need, which is then matched with an approved and qualified volunteer. NHN has installed hand railings, trimmed shrubs, cleaned gutters, raked leaves, shoveled snow, moved furniture, and transported residents to the market and doctor. In return, recipients have responded with small monetary donations or home-made cookies. Compassion, care, and common faith values strengthen these relationships that result in True Community. A new initiative, Critical Repairs and Services, was established in 2017. When all options have been exhausted for home maintenance that requires a professional skill set, limited financial assistance is available. To volunteer, refer, or gather additional information about NHN, call the director at 240-727-0332.

In February 2012, the Frostburg Mayor and City Council passed Resolution 2012-4, approving the creation of a community amphitheater in memory of the late Bobby Preston. Bobby, an individual with special needs, inspired others with his spirit and love of life. In June of 2017, through the combined efforts of the Preston Fund, the City of Frostburg, Allegany County, and the State of MD, the Preston Memorial Amphitheater at Hoffman Park was dedicated. Funds will be maintained for future additions, improvements, and special performances at the venue.

The mission of Frostburg’s September 2012 Bicentennial Celebration was “to honor the spirit of Frostburg’s resourceful and caring community by accurately recalling our rich history, celebrating who we are today, and preserving our legacy for the future of our Mountain City.” In keeping with that mission, the mayor and council charged the Foundation with overseeing the remaining balance of the 2012 Fund. Now invested in a mutual fund, 1% of the balance will be withdrawn annually and placed into the operations account of the Foundation. One-half of the annual interest accrued will fund the “Spirit of Frostburg” Award, presented annually on Frostburg Day by the sitting mayor and council, honoring recipients who made a significant contribution or improvement to our community. The endowment will be released to the planners of the 2062 Frostburg Birthday Celebration.

The 2012 Bicentennial Steering Committee selected the second Saturday in September as Frostburg Day. Recipients of the Spirit of Frostburg Award, chosen by the mayor and council and funded by the Frostburg Day Endowment, will be presented with their awards. The community is invited to create an annual festive celebration using these funds in order to foster the mission of our Bicentennial: “recall our history, celebrate who we are today, and preserve our legacy for the future of our city.” Residual funds from the Bicentennial as well as other donations are accepted into this project.

As an outgrowth of the Mountain Ridge High School Miners Stadium Project, a group of interested citizens gathered in November of 2012 to discuss ways to stimulate interest in our local mining history and shed light on the lives of all who mined coal. Sculptor Alan Cotrill, of Zanesville, Ohio, was commissioned to cast a life-sized bronze coal miner, dedicated to the natural resource of Georges Creek Valley coal and the sacrifices made by those who mined it. Committee researchers have compiled the names of almost 600 miners, from 1838 to 2007, who perished as a result of this dangerous occupation. Their stories will be incorporated into the landscape design, bringing recognition to all who chose to mine for a living. After intensive consideration, the Trailhead Overlook, adjacent to the Frostburg Depot, has been selected as the installation site. Railroads connected our minefields and villages, enabling “Big Vein” coal to drive the economy of our region for over a century. The committee continues to collect materials for a compilation and submits weekly “Miner Recollections” for publication in the Cumberland Times-News Frostburg Express. The project has been selected as a recipient of Maryland Bond Funding. These matching dollars, along with the completion of the landscape design in Spring 2018, pave the way for a projected 2019 installation and dedication.

Our local garden club is best-known for the lush summer flowers and the beautiful holiday greenery that grace our Main Street in lamppost baskets. They also plant and maintain gardens at other locations throughout the town. Their numerous projects that integrate our homes and our gardens into the positive quality of life that we enjoy in the Mountain City comes with a price tag. Donations to this project assist with the purchase of flowers, replacement of broken baskets, and maintenance of flower beds. In November 2013, this project was approved with acclaim by the Foundation Board of Directors, honoring those who volunteer their time and talent to beautify Frostburg.

In 2015, after consultation with representatives of the Allegany County Board of Education, this project application was accepted by the Foundation Directors. When adding the need to offset the rising costs of safety equipment and uniforms to the desire of providing a quality team sport experience for Mountain Ridge football athletes, it’s easy to see what motivates this parent-driven group. A successful campaign in 2017 helped to offset the cost of new uniforms