Miner Recollections are dramatic local stories, taken from history, of George’s Creek Valley Miners who perished in the coal mines. Glimpse the lives of our brave and hard-working ancestors who gave their lives to the coal mines, and the families they left behind.

These compelling articles are a collaboration of Polla Drummond Horn, Bucky Schriver, and Barb Armstrong and previously published in The Frostburg Express of The Cumberland Times-News.

They are very graciously shared with us here for all to enjoy. You may find one of your mining ancestors that will help in your own research.

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The change is in the people and not in the land, despite all the digging and gouging
Joseph Mills perishes in a mining accident during the Depression
When they were about to achieve their goals, the Garlitz family was repeatedly hit with misfortune.
Friends perish in similar mining accidents
Three different accidents claim the lives of men by the name of Joseph Mills
Two fatal tragedies on incline planes of local mines
The perils of being a "trapper boy" in a mine
Young father leaves behind widow and ten children behind in Vale Summit
Fatal accident claims family man at Midlothian Mine
Frostburg family man suffers fatal head injury
Young son of Italian immigrants suffers in mining accident
Brothers carry on the family mining legacy from Scotland
Patrick was laid to rest in St. Michael’s Cemetery and a “Wild Irish Rose” was placed upon his grave
Motivation, ingenuity, perseverance, and resilience demonstrated by family struck by tragedy
Four brothers move to Frostburg looking for work in the mines.
Ancestor of early American colonist perishes in Potomac Mines
Army veteran and widower suffers mining accident at Big Savage Hard Clay Mine
One of twin Irish immigrant brothers perishes in Ocean Mine
Fond memories from a loving daughter about her widowed coal miner father
Premature mining deaths leave families in poverty
Pillar removal from an old mine results in a tragic fatality
Compilation of major mine explosions in the region
Scottish, twin brother miners move to America
Urgent need for hospital to provide medical care to injured miners
Miner's prayer from 1845 and a brief description of the region at that time