Past Projects

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In 1995, responding to the need for a children’s playground in our community, a group of dedicated parents assembled to raise funds and build a new playground adjacent to the Frostburg swimming pool. This project was the impetus for establishing the Foundation for Frostburg. Updated in recent years, the playground remains a favorite spot for children to have fun and expend their extra energy.

The center of life on Main Street, the new 1.5 million dollar library opened its doors in 1998. The Foundation’s Frostburg Library Development Committee assisted with site determination, design, and funding efforts. The open layout, the extra-special nooks for children’s activities, the Bambacus Community Room, updated computer systems, and a unique computer training room, continue to provide a much-needed space for a vibrant community.

The U.S. Soccer Foundation awards grants on both an annual basis (Program grants) and through a rolling process (Safe Places to Play grants) to support soccer programs and field-building initiatives nationwide. Grants are provided to support all aspects of the beautiful game — from assisting programs with operational costs to creating Safe Places to Play.

Hours after the tornado raked a path of devastation from west to east, our citizens were out clearing the debris, accomplishing in one day what experts predicted would take weeks to complete. A large fund raising effort resulted in the distribution of over $105,000.00 for those who had no insurance, or not enough insurance to cover their losses. The community that was blessed with no loss of life was also blessed with a caring community.

In 1999, a generous donation of stock valued at over $3500.00 from a faithful member of the community resulted in the purchase of a new community Christmas tree and decorative snowflakes. They can be displayed outdoors, withstanding our blustery winter weather, and stored away afterward for the next holiday season.

In the aftermath of the February 2004 Lyric Building fire, many residents of the burned out apartments found themselves with no home, no belongings, and no insurance. Over $12,000.00 in donations from a concerned community were distributed according to the wishes of each donor, helping the residents replace some of the belongings they lost in the fire.

In memory of active local citizen and businessman Douglas S. Hafer, proceeds of over $16,000.00 from this 2007 golf tournament were used to help fund the home locker room at the newly built Mountain Ridge High School Stadium. A plaque honoring his memory is currently displayed on the locker room door.

In partnership with the City of Frostburg and the State of Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, local businesses donated at least $500.00 each to this fund, receiving in return a MD tax credit equal to 50% of their donation. As a result of this project, a new children’s sliding board was purchased and installed at the community pool in 2007.

In 2002, in cooperation with the City of Frostburg Department of Recreation and Parks, the Foundation accepted a generous donation to assist with the establishment of a local skate park for area youth. Over $10,000.00 was invested. No longer in place today, it was a gallant effort to provide a venue for those who wanted to safely practice and improve their skateboarding skills.