Neighbors Helping Neighbors

NHN is an ecumenical community-wide support network designed to assist individuals with limited resources and/or abilities. Neighbors are encouraged to take an active role in caring for each other, and are offered the ability to both give and receive assistance. Upon referral or request, a site visit discovers the need, which is then matched with an approved and qualified volunteer. NHN has installed hand railings, trimmed shrubs, cleaned gutters, raked leaves, shoveled snow, moved furniture, and transported residents to the market and doctor. In return, recipients have responded with small monetary donations or home-made cookies. Compassion, care, and common faith values strengthen these relationships that result in True Community. A new initiative, Critical Repairs and Services, was established in 2017. When all options have been exhausted for home maintenance that requires a professional skill set, limited financial assistance is available. To volunteer, refer, or gather additional information about NHN, call the director at 240-727-0332.

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