The Frostburg Day Endowment

The mission of Frostburg’s September 2012 Bicentennial Celebration was “to honor the spirit of Frostburg’s resourceful and caring community by accurately recalling our rich history, celebrating who we are today, and preserving our legacy for the future of our Mountain City.” In keeping with that mission, the mayor and council charged the Foundation with overseeing the remaining balance of the 2012 Fund. Now invested in a mutual fund, 1% of the balance will be withdrawn annually and placed into the operations account of the Foundation. One-half of the annual interest accrued will fund the “Spirit of Frostburg” Award, presented annually on Frostburg Day by the sitting mayor and council, honoring recipients who made a significant contribution or improvement to our community. The endowment will be released to the planners of the 2062 Frostburg Birthday Celebration.

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