The House and Garden Club of Frostburg, and the Karen Bingman Memorial Garden

The House and Garden Club of Frostburg is best known for the beautiful flower baskets on the lampposts that line the streets of Frostburg. Starting with just 16 baskets in the spring of 1996, members and friends of the Club now plant and maintain more than 65 baskets with flowers in the spring and decorate them with greenery and lights for the winter months. In addition to the lovely baskets, there are several small garden areas around the town that are maintained by members.

With the club dating back to the 1950s, its role in helping beautification efforts is primary, however, the membership also steps up regularly to aid in worthy community projects. The membership raised money to help open the Frostburg Library back in the day, and more recently, the members made over 14,000 masks that were distributed to hospitals, nursing homes and the community at no charge. The Club also hosts a 2-day City Place Thrift Shop Sale (with houseplants and baked goods) on the second weekend in September. Household item donations are accepted at City Place on Friday, from 2 pm to 7 pm and then sold to the public on Saturday and Sunday. Funds are used to expand beautification efforts in Frostburg.

The Club continues to meet regularly to learn, share, socialize and contribute to the Frostburg community. Meetings often include a speaker and the public is welcome to attend. For more information on participation and support of the club, email or visit our Facebook page, @FrostburgGardenClub.

Karen Bingman Memorial Garden

The Karen Bingman Memorial Garden was created to honor a longtime supporter and dedicated volunteer of the Frostburg House and Garden Club who served as both member and president.  Karen’s love of Frostburg is memorialized by this garden located behind City Place and is a reminder of her dedication to the beautification of the city.  Donations help to beautify the spot in all seasons and especially during the holidays where festive lights and greenery adorn the area. Most recently a small gazebo was added to offer shelter and seating for quiet reflection.

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